Dazzling Diamonds

Dazzling Diamonds

Slot machine test: dazzling diamonds

The best friends of the wife are well known

diamonds. But "Dazzling Diamonds" is certainly suitable for everyone. The Naidoo slot machine based on the fruit slots that shine not just with complexity can. Here, the strength but just inside the simplicity. Because there are ways to win Yes anyway. "Dazzling Diamonds" not that reinvents the wheel cuts a good figure but overall and with the look of the slot machine is very appealing and noble recommended.

Flashes here and it just sparkles and a few banknotes may be missed. Since the water in the mouth can you already at the sight a bit run together and it may not be entirely unfounded. While there are no bonus features, but a special counting way of the payline not necessarily links must start, but also may lead to the winning ranks in the middle. Therefore a "Dazzling Diamonds" definitely look at, gains have been made already, even if they were not paid in diamonds.

Play Dazzling Diamonds online now!

Dazzling diamonds online game

-Five reels and 10 paylines sounds only once little spectacular. That the symbols can be found, all of which have anything to do with money or glory. The diamond ring and the pile of money offer the highest profit, if you can collect at least three in a row of them. Higher counts of diamond, which can make really big profits however alone. Of course especially if five matching symbols on the payline Flash.

Your objective is to collect the same symbols on the lines that go from left to right. In "Dazzling Diamonds", is that three or four symbols on a payline will even count, if they not far left, so start from the first reel. This is a great advantage, which spins a bit also the missing compensates.

In addition, there are other symbols that come shiny. For example, rubies or emeralds also. The scatter symbol in the form of a high quality is much more interesting but, gold-plated watch. There is though no free games, but when the scatter it does not matter whether the icons in a row. Good odds so that there all laps and make a like to jaw symbol clock.

Slot machines instructions by dazzling diamonds

You can play free "Dazzling Diamonds", so in the so-called fun mode. For the test, but real profits are not possible. Do you want to win real money, you must deposit before such and play as "Dazzling Diamonds". You have also the possibility to choose to raise it so or to reduce a bet for each round. On this screw, you can turn even by you pretend the number of win lines. Usage is always per payline, you lose less, fewer credits in this respect per round.

You begin the hunt for diamonds by clicking on start. The rollers rotate and stop directly again. You must know the paylines in the slots "Dazzling Diamonds", because it will be shown directly you, if you did win. This is true even if you use the auto-start mode. It is each round automatically begonnnen on the use of the you last set. You can also at any time, but leave this mode again and click Rotate the rollers regularly.

The gamble feature in the Dazzling diamonds slot

Of course, not the gamble may lack Naidoo slot function. It is the ability to double the reviewing prize. For that you are looking for a card color, red or black friends. A card is turned face up and with a little luck, you're right, sure, your win is doubled and you can continue to play in risk mode. Or but you lie next to it and you lose your winnings. You need to not go but to risk, but can normally achieve the profit.

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